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Once more, the plan to try and write at least one post per week seems to have got off to a poor start.

When we came back home after a (mostly medical) trip upcountry in mid-January, I immediately collapsed with a nasty cold. That lasted about a week (for one day of which my throat was so swollen that I was actually gagging semi-continuously on my own uvula. Thankfully only one day), during which various workmen came and did things to the kitchen in preparation for the approaching re-delivery of our cooker, so that the fitter can actually fit it this time. Given [personal profile] stripey_cat's social anxiety, days on which there will be strange men in the house needing instructions are obviously not ideal ones for me to lose my voice on.

But I stayed indoors in the warm, and drank lots of tea, and the cold came and went. And then the heating went too. So the plumber came back and poked the boiler, and is going to give us a quote for repairing it (and another one for replacing it, depending on how much the first is).

And one of the bits of roof that was leaking turned out to be a really easy fix. But the other one looks like an increasingly non-easy fix, and now the garage has started leaking at both ends, for added bonus fun.

Oh, and the Department for Workhouses and Pennilessness have managed to f*ck things up so that half our income has suddenly disappeared. (They didn't tell us, of course; they haven't even acknowledged the letter we sent asking what was going on. Hopefully they'll correct the problem. Maybe even soon. But when the builders are in and finding ever more things that - visibly, unarguably - need to be done right now... that's not the moment to discover you're bleeding money just to pay the bills.)

(Speaking of bills, we mysteriously remain on a key-meter, paying an extortionate rate for our electricity. My latest letter to nPower about the matter hints darkly about legal proceedings if they don't stop messing us around. Then again, last year they were hit with the UK's biggest ever fine for failing to resolve customer complaints, and that doesn't seem to have improved things. Unless - frightening thought - this is an improvement on their previous behaviour.)

But the car passed its MOT test with no problems, so at least I can stop worrying about that. I hope. And the new is due to go in next week, and we'll be able to have real food!
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