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One of the "other things" alluded to in my last post was that I've been having problems with rather intrusive tinnitus in my left ear since not long after we moved. Other than finding it irritating (particularly because it often made it hard to get to sleep), I didn't pay it much attention, because tinnitus is just one of those things that happens as you get older. However, when I needed to talk to my GP about something else, I mentioned the tinnitus in passing, in case there were easy recommended solutions/theraputic options to help me sleep better.

It turns out that tinnitus is just one of those things that happens, but tinnitus in one ear only is usually just one of those things. No really, there's almost always nothing to worry about, but here's your appointment to put your head in an MRI machine just in case it's actually a brain tumour. So I spent a few weeks in a somewhat twitchy state, sleeping even worse, and finding it very hard to interact at all rationally with the rest of the world.

Then came the scan, and a few days later, the letter with the expected outcome - "I am pleased to inform you that [the result of the scan] was normal and did not show any cause for concern". I've spent the last couple of weeks recovering from the twitchiness, and now I'm probably just about ready to actually spend some spoons on something other than panicing and self-care.
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