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Apr. 26th, 2015 11:16 am
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I've just found a large (several kilos) stash of dried pasta, which we're never going to use because of K's allergy to wheat gluten. It's several years past its "best before" date, but there's nothing obviously wrong with it. The local food banks &c won't take it (past best before) and I'd really rather not throw it away. Any suggestions? (I'm happy for someone in the Oxfordish area to collect, or potentially even to deliver it to someone.)

[ETA: now handed over to a someone else, who will ensure whatever's edible is eaten and whatever isn't is given to a suitable preschool.]
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Same rules about format as last time. I think it's fairly obvious which books are fiction and which are (at the very least intended as) non-fiction. If you want something, leave a comment and I'll put it aside (and strike it out on the list). Anything not claimed by the end of July will go to a charity shop, or booksforfree, or somewhere else similarly suitable. (I accept no responsibility for some of these books; the assorted mediocre fantasy books are all my fault, but I have no idea where some of the others came from.)

Anya SetonThe Hearth and EaglePB
Ben BovaThe Duelling MachinePB
Bill BrysonThe Lost ContinentLPB
David BergerThe Motley Fool UK Investment Guide LPB2000 edition; some of the general advice is probably still worthwhile to think about, though.
Dr Chris Wells/Graham NownIn Pain? A self-help guide for chronic pain sufferersLPB
Ed NahaGhostbusters 2PB
Ernest DrakeWorking with Dragons: A Course in DragonologyHB
Frank HerbertDune MessiahPB
George GipeGremlinsPB
James BarclayDawnthiefLPBThe book of his D&D campaign
Jane AustenPersuasionPB
Jasper CarrotA Little Zit on the SidePB
John WyndhamChockyPBDuplicate copy
Larry Niven/Steven BarnesDream ParkLPB
Martin John YateGreat Answers to Tough Interview QuestionsLPB
Michael P FertigIf Cats Could TalkHBCute kitten pictures with silly captions
Peter Wilde/Paul ButtThe WHICH? Guide to Renting and LettingLPB1999 edition; probably a bit out of date now
Richard CarlsonDon't sweat the small stuffPB-ish
Richard RobinsonBrainwaves in the BedroomPBMagic tricks, with explanations of how they work, aimed for youngish children
Storm ConstantineThe Way of LightLPBMediocre fantasy. Actually vol 3 of a trilogy, but stands alone perfectly well.
Trudi CanavanPriestess of the WhiteHBVolume 1 of the “Age of Five” trilogy
Trudi CanavanVoice of the GodsHBVolume 3 of the “Age of Five” trilogy
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Is anyone here interested in (and able to collect/convenient for me to deliver to):

disposable party stuff still available; otherwise provisionally taken )
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ETA: These books have now all gone; some to new homes, others to Oxfam.

I've been having a bit of a tidy and sorting out (amongst other things) piles of books that neither K nor I think we're likely to read again (as well as the occasional duplicate). There are still some shelves I've not done, but since there are now well over a hundred books on the list and the boxes are starting to get in the way, it seems a good idea to get started. Stuff that no-one's interested in will probably go to a charity shop in a week or so to make space, but I'm happy to caretake books people actually want while I get organised.

There are a lot of them )


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