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Has anyone tried the assorted new Baileys variants? If so, are they nice? (I was particularly wondering about the hazelnut version, which could be amazing done right, or just a bit sweet and bland otherwise, but information on the others welcomed:)
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I seem not to have posted since early July. This is, alas, not for lack of things to post about. All this time lying down is clearly not good for me (it certainly isn't good for my sleep pattern; I'm thinking about having lunch soon).

For now, however, have a quote from the demo of (the quite appealing looking indie game) Delve Deeper:
"When the only tool you have is a battleaxe, every problem looks like a Goblin."
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If you put up a small fortification to defend your cherries, is it a Morello Tower?

An aside

Jun. 30th, 2010 07:39 pm
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Busily not-posting about important stuff seems on the verge of leading to me not posting at all, so I shall see if I can manage some largely (or entirely) inconsequential bits and pieces over the next few days. Starting with this: I recently mentioned to a friend that it's possible to sing both "Amazing Grace" and "House of the Rising Sun" to the tune of "Ilkley Moor". To which his response was "What's Ilkley Moor?", which frankly floored me. If I had poll-posting facilities, I might well put up a poll asking whether you, dear reader

  1. shared his boat

  2. had shared his boat at some point later than, say, leaving primary school, but were no longer in it

  3. knew all about Ilkley Moor but find it reasonable that some other people don't

  4. can't understand how anyone can reach their twenties, growing up entirely in the UK, without knowing Ilkley Moor in some form

  5. had lost your parents (or hamster, or indeed hamper) in a remarkable, but nonetheless regrettable, folk-singing-related incident

  6. had lost your parents (or hamster, or indeed hamper) in an unremarkable, or perhaps less than entirely regrettable, folk-singing-related incident

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I'm going to get my book posts a bit more up-to-date, honest (being four months behind is a teeny bit embarrassing), but in the meantime:

One of the books I've not written up yet was Robert Peston's Who Runs Britain?. Coincidentally, Peston recently gave a very interesting lecture on the future of the media and journalism, which I recommend to anyone who hasn't read it.

Like most people I know, I don't have enough shelf space. I want Neil Gaiman's bookshelves. (I wouldn't mind his library, too, and I suspect his house is nicer than mine, but you can't have everything, can you? :)

I also want one of these. OK, it's idiotically impractical for pretty much any actual washing scenario, but with design like that, who cares?

Continuing the vaguely sciencey theme, Ben Fry has put up a rather neat Flash program that compares the text of the different editions of Darwin's "Origin of the Species" (and allows the viewer to look at them, word by word).

A few months ago, the Hubble Space Telescope had a camera upgrade. The new camera is now operational and taking awesome pictures, while Ethan Siegel has put up a nice compare and contrast of the capabilities of the old and new cameras.

Speaking of pretty pictures, Michael Dashow's website includes a rather neat piece of art he did demonstrating the dangers of mistakes in a Cthulhu-oriented workplace. A lot of his other stuff is good, too :)


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