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I seem to have only posted twice in the last three-and-a-bit months. Oops. Nonetheless, we ait'n't dead.

What's happened here in the meantime? Well, not very much, really. I finally got my knee scanned in early December, and am now awaiting a triage appointment with the relevant surgical department (torn cartilage and cysts that may be pressing on things). In the meantime I continue to sit around too much, eat too much, not get enough exercise, and have concerns about my slowly-but-steadily rising weight and blood pressure.

Resolutions-wise, I obviously didn't manage weekly postings in November or December. I also still didn't post my new-book-lists for 2011 or 2012 (to which I can now add 2013). However, I didn't buy any second-hand books, either, so at least that one went pretty well. I'm planning to try and retain that habit, and return to weekly posting, this year. I'm also going to make an attempt to get back up to reading two new books each week (I managed 55 in 2013, well down from the previous couple of years). While I'm about it, I'll continue to try to ensure that an acceptable proportion of those books have female authors. (Of 2013's 55, 27 had female solo-authors, two were co-written by a husband and wife team, and there was one mostly-male anthology with a couple of stories by women in it; near enough exactly half.)
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Hmm. Not all is perfect on the resolution front, it would seem:

1) Not much improvement here; only two posts each in July and August, and this is the first for September.

2) Two-thirds of the way through the year, I've still not posted my "new books" lists for 2011 or 2012.

3) I've only strictly bought one second-hand book that I can think of since the end of June. But I'm not quite sure how to count things from the £2 book-shop; it seems likely that what they sell is remaindered stock for which the author is getting little or no royalty, so I suspect the book I bought there should also count. On the other hand, if you'd told me last year that I would be upset about not having reduced my S/H book habit below one per month, I'd have thought it unlikely.

3a) I've not actually disposed of the books listed here, or sorted out any more for disposal. This is at least partly due to my general lack of activity, which in turn is due to the problems with my knee that I've almost totally failed to post anything about.
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Um, it seems to be nearly July, and thus about time for the next assessment of how well I'm keeping up with these:

1) I was doing alright on the DW/LJ posting front until about the end of April, when it all went a bit whoops. There were only two posts in May; this is the third in June, but the first two were on the same day. I'll try to do better, guvnor.

2) Nope, still not posted either of those. Must work harder.

3) I think I've bought a total of about eight or nine second-hand books since February. All but two of those are by dead people (and unavailable new), thus allowed. One of the other two is by John Scalzi (possible pass[a]), and the other is a copy of the "author's preferred text" of Neverwhere, for comparison with the copy I bought new back when it first came out. I have been reading lots from the library, however. Definitely a tick next to this one.

3a) I've only disposed of a couple of books since the big batch in February, but I have sorted out another (more modest) pile to be listed and passed on.

[a] Scalzi is no Rowling, financially, but is a NYT bestseller, and would probably approve of the idea of giving money to the poorest authors first
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Having made it a couple of months into the year, I thought I should have a look at how I was doing with maintaining my fairly trivial resolutions.

1) Post (at least) once per week: mostly successful. I have missed one week, but so far only the one.

2) Total fail, so far. I've still not posted the lists of books I read in 2011 or 2012.

3) Cut down on S/H book purchases. I think I've bought a total of four books in charity shops this year, two of them written by millionaires and one of the others several decades out of print. I have also acquired two books (both OOP and written by dead people) from the Seacourt booksforfree and three from ewx, but that's still only one per week on average.

3a) I've also been organised enough to dispose of over a hundred books I'm not going to read again (well, and a few duplicates I don't need), helping somewhat on the "piles of books everywhere" front. There should be another batch getting listed soon.
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Sorry, revsolutions. Normally I don't really bother with these, but lets see how these work out, OK? They're not exactly huge life changes in any case. )


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