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I said in my last post that the fort had moved (implicitly from the Shires) to Dol Amroth. It occurs to me, however, that given Taruithorn's traditional alignment, it's more likely we've moved from somewhere near Cirith Ungol down to the Bay of Belfalas or nearby parts. (But not Umbar, because logically that must be Penzance, because everyone knows that's where the Pirates come from.)
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OK, so that was a little more than ten days. But the fort has been successfully relocated down to Dol Amroth, even if some of the details went a little wrong, and I've now had time to turn a pile of components into a new computer.

All that's left to do is finish relocating things into the rooms we wanted the movers to put them in, redecorate a couple of rooms, unpack the remaining 90% of our stuff from boxes, and tell everyone we've moved! Oh, and check whether the other half of the things on my list of things to be done before we moved retain any relevance, having rather missed their moment.

I'll try and get a post with some pictures in it up fairly soon, but I need to re-relocate the server, first. And take some pictures of the house, come to that.

Meanwhile, if anyone really fancies spending a few days painting and moving boxes around, we have an actual spare bed. And a room it could be put in that (a) isn't the living room and (b) has proper curtains. More realistically, we should at some point have multiple spare beds, and a games table, and a house that's generally a more desirable place to visit. But that'll take a bit longer :)

ETA: the new location should be visible at the top of my journal page to anyone with access/flist status. Message me if you want to see it and can't!
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(Although given the time, perhaps "Moonlight Shadow" would be a more appropriate title.)

The Movers' vans arrive in a few hours time, and my next entry - barring catastrophes - should be made from Devon in about ten days time.
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I had a semi-dream, last night, in which I discovered that being always one step away from actually getting a mortgage was a kind of Sisyphean punishment I'd been sentenced to. I really wish it hadn't felt like such a plausible explanation. (No idea what I'd done to earn the punishment, mind.)
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It seems to be a couple of months since I last managed a weekly journal entry. Again. Oops. Mostly I think that's a question of letting the good be the enemy of writing anything at all, but there has actually been an element of doing stuff and getting genuinely exhausted. Which is actually a good thing (even if making me exhausted is currently not as difficult as would be ideal).

The leg-brace continues to make my life much easier. I'm still limited in a range of ways, but I can do so much more than I could a year ago, and it really feels like freedom. The consequent reduction in stress levels does rather seem to be helping with other things, too.

Not unrelated to my regaining the ability to actually do things, the idea of moving down to the southwest has rather rapidly gone from "nice idea" through pln to "we've had a couple of market appraisals of this house and looked at a few possible places in Cornwall". My target had been to get our house onto the market this week, which sadly isn't quite going to happen. But our storage unit is filling up nicely, and the house looks a lot more spacious with half the stuff removed from it. I'm sometimes finding it tricky to pace myself properly, but mostly I seem to be managing that alright, and the satisfaction (and relief) of making the house visibly tidier every day is immense.


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