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As alluded to elsewhere, my computer has given up the ghost. While there are many worse things that could have happened the morning after exchanging contracts on the house move, turning my machine on to see the message

Drive Read Error
Press ctrl-alt-del to retry

did not fill me with joy. Since it still complains about drive errors even with the drives taken out I'm pretty sure this is (a) a motherboard fault and (b) a terminal one. Hopefully it hasn't trashed the actual drives on the way out, especially since my backups are (oops) several months old. None of the data on them is actually valuable, but losing/having to redownload it would be irritating.

Also, of course, moving house involves a lot of communicating with people, and while my spare Raspberry Pi is ferpectly adequate for text emails, it's not the best machine in the world for dealing with people's websites (and doesn't have my comprehensive collection of relevant bookmarks and stored passwords). Again, hardly the end of the world, but adding nuisance factor to something that's already stressful and time-consuming.

And because of the short notice, we're going to be without phone and internet connections for the first week or so after we move. Which might make it easier to get more than just our computers unpacked, now I think about it, so maybe that's not all bad :)

Oh, f*ck

Jun. 3rd, 2013 01:31 pm
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Last night, the Sheevaplug that functions as my house mail/web server crashed hard. It's done that a couple of times before, due to overheating, and has rebooted happily once I've let it cool down. Not this time. I'm pretty sure overheating (thus ultimately me, for forgetting about the need to let it have some airflow for cooling) is to blame on this occasion, but there's no indication of activity except for the power light - the status indicator doesn't come on, and it doesn't respond to network or serial traffic.

I'm thus currently burning a Debian netinst CD for a hurried conversion of the one old machine I didn't get rid of recently into (hopefully) a functional if much larger, noisier, and more power-hungry replacement. Of course, the last time I did any meaningful Debian configuration was when I set up the plug, around three years ago. I wonder how much I can remember in a real hurry....

ETA: and when I say "currently burning", what I actually mean is "about to go to the shops because all the writeable media in the house are in fact dead of old age so that I can burn".

ETA2: this also, of course, means that I'm currently only getting mail that's sent to Chiark; anything else will go on hold (if your email provider is sane) or into the bit bucket (otherwise).


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