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After preparing my install media, I realised that whereas I'd have configured the plug via serial console, I was going to need to attach a monitor to the emergency replacement. That's fine, I have a spare monitor. Unfortunately, the monitor only has a DVI-D input, and the computer only has an HDMI output.

Out I went again, to discover that a suitable adaptor was not to be had in town. So I went to Oxford, to get one from Maplins (the last resort for things you absolutely have to have right now). Picked up what I wanted, went to the till, drove back home to get my wallet....

But the second time round, I left Oxford with the adaptor I needed and one of Maplins' Raspberry Pi kit packs ("everything you need" - well, except for an actual case to put the circuit board in, for crying out loud) on the grounds that the RPi was probably my first choice for a long-term replacement anyway, so why not go straight to that?

Basic Pi set-up is very friendly, and I soon found myself with a choice to make: install the full mess that I used on the plug (postfix, dovecot, squirrel-mail[1], etc) which I've done before but took some time to get right, or try "Citadel", which is touted by various (on the Pi forums and elsewhere) as an easy-to-configure alternative. Citadel installed quickly, and basic configuration was as easy as promised. I eventually worked out how to allow users aliases (that's under "change contact information", along with their physical address and phone numbers. Obviously.), but discovered to my regret (and astonishment) that not only does Citadel not default to sending email as plain text only, it doesn't support it as an option (although allegedly such an option may be in progress). Emails can only be sent as dual plaintext/html mime messages. It also doesn't appear to have an option to turn off html processing for incoming email, which is ... not what I expect from open source projects; perhaps my personal acquaintances have led me to expect a higher level of security consciousness than is actually normal?

However, it's up, and email can come in (I'm not sure about going out), and that'll do for now. In another week I'll have some time to fiddle and get things set up more to my satisfaction (including a shift to postfix, etc, if necessary), but right now I can go flop (and then go and do other things).

[1] for the account-holders whose paws dislike non-web-mail clients. Another potential issue with Citadel is that I think it may actually make it much harder for me to use my preferred email client.

Oh, f*ck

Jun. 3rd, 2013 01:31 pm
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Last night, the Sheevaplug that functions as my house mail/web server crashed hard. It's done that a couple of times before, due to overheating, and has rebooted happily once I've let it cool down. Not this time. I'm pretty sure overheating (thus ultimately me, for forgetting about the need to let it have some airflow for cooling) is to blame on this occasion, but there's no indication of activity except for the power light - the status indicator doesn't come on, and it doesn't respond to network or serial traffic.

I'm thus currently burning a Debian netinst CD for a hurried conversion of the one old machine I didn't get rid of recently into (hopefully) a functional if much larger, noisier, and more power-hungry replacement. Of course, the last time I did any meaningful Debian configuration was when I set up the plug, around three years ago. I wonder how much I can remember in a real hurry....

ETA: and when I say "currently burning", what I actually mean is "about to go to the shops because all the writeable media in the house are in fact dead of old age so that I can burn".

ETA2: this also, of course, means that I'm currently only getting mail that's sent to Chiark; anything else will go on hold (if your email provider is sane) or into the bit bucket (otherwise).


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