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Sorry, revsolutions. Normally I don't really bother with these, but lets see how these work out, OK?

1) I'm going to try to post to DW/LJ at least once a week rather than once every couple of months. Even if I wind up posting random burbles rather than, say, mentioning to anyone outside the family that my last surviving grandparent had died in the first few months after it happened, it's probably better than nothing. I note that I've nearly flunked this once twice in the first fortnight.

2) Not unrelated to (1), I've not posted even the list of books I read in 2011, so I'd quite like to get back to making slightly more in the way of notes on my new reads and actually posting the lists (which I have been keeping, just not doing much with). This provides me with (a) two ready made gap-fillers in the terms of the 2011 and 2012 lists, and (b) an obvious default if I don't want to post about anything else.

3) Not entirely unrelated[1] to (2), I'm going to try and massively cut down my purchases of second-hand books, to be replaced by borrowing stuff from the library and buying a much smaller number of books brand-new. This is partly because we have a fairly small and very full house, partly because I've been buying books faster than I've been reading them for the last few years, and partly because I've bought (mostly S/H) an awful lot of books that I've only read once and have no intention of reading again[2]. But to a large extent it's because if I read a book, I'd like the author to get paid for it; if I'm only going to read it once, then they can have the PLR money, while if I'm going to wear out a copy, then they can have royalties. I'm willing to make exceptions for books that are otherwise unavailable (oop/not sold in the UK) and for those by authors who've been dead for some time and/or are/were rich enough they won't notice my money anyway. (Not that I think, say, Terry Pratchett deserves his royalties any less than Kate Griffin, but he's a millionaire who writes books because he likes it, and she has a day-job. If I want her to write more about Matthew Swift - and I do - then buying a copy is a much bigger proportional contribution to her than it is to Sir T. If I had enough money, I'd happily buy every book I read new, but disability benefits aren't that generous, despite what some newspapers might want you to think.)

[1] but I'll grant the connection is pretty loose.
[2] the list I'm making of these should be popping up here some time in the next week or two; feel free to remind me.
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