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It seems to be a month or so since I last posted, making a mockery once more of the once-a-week target. Currently (not literally currently, it's Sunday morning! But much of last week and also of next week), the fort is full of people drilling holes in walls, pulling up floorboards, and replacing the previous owners' unique artisan wiring with stuff that complies with safety regs and doesn't give me nightmares. [personal profile] stripey_cat's social anxiety handles this sort of thing about as well as you might expect. (I may be the teensiest bit strung-out myself, one way and another.)

In the meantime, I've now had my second appointment with the audiologist. Second and last, in fact; I've been officially discharged from the clinic, to (I think) mutual satisfaction. The tinnitus hasn't changed at all over the intervening period, but I'm now able to cope with it much better than I was. Little things (some of which I'd meant to try anyway), but a big cumulative difference.

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Date: 2016-05-15 12:40 pm (UTC)
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The first house I bought had a junction box with the junction formed by twisting wires together. I couldn't see any inner or outer insulation. The junction box didn't have a front plate. Oh yes, and I found all this while I was stripping wallpaper. It's a damn good job I didn't have the steamer on ...


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